ZUIHODEN  The mausoleum Masamune Date of the first feudal load  of Sendai-Han


Zuihoden Guide Information

1.Experienced guides will show you around Zuihoden.

①Zuihoden Guide Club provides guide services mainly on weekends.
You can find club members wearing purple batting weave within the confines of Zuihoden. Please feel free to ask them for guidance.

② Lifelong learning organizations provide guide services on your preferred date. (Free)
Please feel free to contact them. TEL: 022-262-6250

2.Guide services around the city center of Sendai.

Sightseeing Guide Volunteer “Group Yokkoyori” (Non-profitable Organization Senior Net Sendai) provides guide services around tourist spots and historical sites in Sendai City.
If you want to make a reservation for the Zuihoden guide service and set a certain date, please make a reservation to the following. (Paid service)

Application desk

Non-profitable Organization Senior Senior Net Sendai Secretariat


Please make a reservation a week in advance to your preferred date. 10am - 4pm (excluding Sundays and holidays)


You will be charged for the tour guide service.