ZUIHODEN  The mausoleum Masamune Date of the first feudal load  of Sendai-Han



Donations received will be used for implementation of business for public interest purposes.

How donations received will be used

Donations received will be used appropriated for the below projects.

  • Preservation and maintenance of the three mausoleums of Zuihoden, Kansenden, Zennoden as well as the graveyard of the Date family located within Kyogamine
  • Management of the Zuihoden History Museum
  • Sponsorship for exhibitions, lectures and conferences related to artifacts and record materials of the Date family
  • Management of the three mausoleums of Zuihoden, Kansenden and Zennoden as well as research and investigation of the graveyard of the Date family located within Kyogamine

Donation application period

Throughout the year

Donation amount

Both individuals and corporations do not count money.



Donation process

  • 1. Application
  • 2. You will receive a notification letter
    of donation acceptance as well as a donation slip.
  • 3. Make donation by transfer
    or cash registration.
  • 4. A certificate of donation will be issued
    and sent to your address.

(1) Application

Please fill out the donation application form and send it to the address below via mail, FAX or E-mail.

23-2, Otamayashita, Aoba-ku Sendai-shi, Miyagi,
980-0814, Japan
Public Interest Incorporated Foundation ZUIHODEN
FAX / 022-262-6251  E-mail /

(2) Notification letter of donation acceptance / Payment slip

After we receive your donation application form, we will check if it corresponds to our acceptance criteria. We will send you a “notification letter of donation acceptance / payment slip” with our bank account shortly.
*We do not accept nor receive donations that are socially inappropriate.


(4) Certificate of donation

How donations received will be used

We will list donors’ names (or company names) on our website.
If you do not agree to be listed on our website, please mention it when you submit the “donation application form”./p>

List of donors

This is a list of donors who made donations to Zuihoden
since April 1, 2015 and their names with their consent.

Your honored name

  • 小林 孝夫
  • 大﨑 啓一
  • 室井 和美
  • 松葉 徳壽
  • 株式会社ジオコード 代表取締役社長 原口 大輔
  • 株式会社 謙信 代表取締役 榊原 雄太郎
  • 株式会社 せがわ住機
  • 石州清水流 十四代家元 清水 道玄
  • 佐藤 鍈二